Wawura Dover

Who Are We?

Wawura Siberians was founded in 2013 on the Northern beaches of Sydney, Australia. We are a small boutique cattery breeding Siberian cats, currently situated in leafy Dulwich, London, UK. The cattery is registered with TICA and GCCF. The name Wawura comes from the language spoken by the Aborigines that used to live in the Sydney area at the time of the First Fleets arrival. It means rascal and signifies not only our Australian roots but as well as our intent for our breeding – Breeding beautiful, healthy rascals! We have shown our cats nationally and internationally with TICA and have several Quadruple Grand Champions as well as Regional wins. Cat breeding is our hobby and we both work full-time in the city of London, UK.

We regularly show our cats with TICA and GCCF and we encourage you to visit us at one of the show and meet our cats. Please feel free to contact us for information about the next show we will attend.

Wawura Siberians breed first and foremost for health and temperament as that is key to any good cat but we do also specialise in silver coloured Siberians as we think that is the most beautiful colour of them all. We have made a conscious decision not to breed Neva Masquerade as we want to keep the breed as natural as possible.

We have very few litters per year. This to ensure that when it comes to kittens we sell quality, rather than quantity. Our queens only carry 1 litter per year and are given plenty time to relax get pampered to be ready for the next litter. We only breed from the Best Siberians lines and we make sure that all our lines have stunning Russian pedigree. All our cats live with us indoors and as part of the family. This makes them very well socialised and used to all the normal sounds and happenings in a household. Our current breeding cats have been imported from Russia, Germany and the Czech Republic as we want to make sure that the blood lines in the UK are diverse and therefore we do not sell for breeding in the UK.

We feed our Siberian cats a varied a raw diet consisting of meat, offal and bones (all made from meat fit for human consumption). This keeps our cats in optimal shape and health. Our cats are annually tested and health-checked by our veterinarian ensuring that our stud and queens are of prime health and are able to produce the healthiest and most stunning kittens possible.